Most popular tumei 1024 projector Household Hd 108

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Use: tumei 1 but need to be equipped with different accessories 024 projector Household Hd 1080p wireless WiFi projector experience

tumei 1024 projector Household Hd 1080p wireless WiFi smart led tuchuang micro projector

new product launch household HD high cost performance mini portable energy saving and environmental protection

let me use this tumei 1024 projector experience:

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the appearance is novel, and it is not too big. The heat dissipation effect is quite good. Although the power reaches 160W, it is not very hot after a period of use. It's just that the image brightness of the 6 experimental methods is not ideal. It's better to see a small picture. It's something worth hundreds of dollars. It has complete functional interfaces, which can be connected to computers, USB flash drives, network set-top boxes, and HDMI interfaces, with good images. The service is considerate, the packaging is tight, and the delivery is fast. The customer service attitude is very good. Be patient if you have any questions.

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