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Transcosmos expands bpo/contact center services in Europe

a new operation center is set up in Poland to provide a set of four kinds for well-known mobile equipment manufacturers in Europe: pendulum impact tester JB ⑶ 00B, impact sample projector CST (5) 0 DWC (⑶ 0 ⑴ 00) series of impact test low-temperature tank and impact specimen notch broaching machine are used for customer support service

transcosmos group (hereinafter referred to as transcosmos; headquarters: Shibuya District, Tokyo; President and coo: OTA Changxiao; Dongzheng Code: 9715) to expand bpo/contact center service business in Europe. In December 2016, transcosmos expanded its operation center in Hungary (Debrecen); In January and June 2017, the operation centers were set up in Romania (Cluj) and Poland (Warsaw). The new center cooperates with the Philippine (Manila) center to provide multilingual BPO and contact center services for European, American and Asian enterprises. Transcosmos plans to expand the BPO and contact center serving the European market from nearly 750 seats to 2000 seats by 2020

Debrecen Center (left) Warsaw Center (right)

Poland's new operation center provides customer support services for a leading mobile equipment manufacturing enterprise in the European and American markets.

on June 1, 2017, transcosmos started a 100 seat operation center in Warsaw after the tested materials or oils in the Polish capital were worn by the experimental machine and then weighed further, And began to provide customer support services to a well-known mobile equipment manufacturing enterprise at the end of June. Transcosmos started by providing customer support to Polish users, and will gradually expand to provide local language services in Germany and other Eastern and Western European countries

provide two-way support services for Asian enterprises to enter the European market and European enterprises to enter the Asian market

transcosmos has operation centers in 12 countries in the Asian region (including China, South Korea and ASEAN), which not only support the Asian market development of enterprises, but also help Asian enterprises to enter the European and American markets. In the future, transcosmos will further strengthen its sales capacity and expand into the Asian market while helping multinational enterprises in Europe expand their markets in Europe and the United States

through the near shore/offshore centers in Eastern Europe and the Philippines, helping enterprises reduce costs

a major challenge in providing services in Europe is to establish a cost-effective operation model. Although it is collectively referred to as the European region, in fact, the languages of European countries are different. Therefore, for enterprises, customer service personnel in different languages in different regions are the key, and transcosmos can provide support services in 13 European languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Dutch. Looking forward to the future, transcosmos will jointly provide multilingual services in English and other European languages in the coastal/offshore centers in the three Eastern European countries and the Philippines, promote the digitization of contact centers by strengthening the establishment of chat robots, RPA, AI, automatic translation and other technologies, and help enterprises achieve low cost and high efficiency

in November 2011, transcosmos established business and capital cooperation with Merlin Information System Group Limited, a British BPO company. In April 2016, Merlin officially became a subsidiary of transcosmos and changed its name to transcosmos Information Systems Limited. As a subsidiary of transcosmos group, it provides multilingual BPO services and contact center services in English and European languages for global enterprises in Europe and the United States through its operation centers in the United Kingdom, the United States, Hungary, Romania, Poland and the Philippines. In addition, in November 2014, transcosmos established an automobile manufacturing plant in London, England, where sales are the starting point. Transcosmos (UK) Limited, a company that undertakes important responsibilities and business development on its side, provides various support services in the European market through close cooperation with transcosmos Information Systems Co., Ltd

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■ about transcosmos group

transcosmos has been committed to integrating excellent people and the latest technological capabilities since its inception in 1966, helping enterprise customers strengthen their competitiveness with high-quality and high-value services. At present, transcosmos can provide enterprise customers with two types of support services, namely, reducing costs in the work of experimental equipment and expanding revenue, through the excellent operation of 176 branches in 33 countries around the world with Asia as the center. In addition, with the development of the worldwide e-commerce market, transcosmos also provides global one-stop e-commerce services to help enterprise customers provide high-quality goods and services to consumers in 49 countries around the world. At the same time, in order to actively respond to the changing business environment, transcosmos aims to become a global digital transformation partner of enterprises and support the changes of enterprise customers in the application of digital technology

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