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The UK installs high-speed image detection system on the glass bottle production line

PLM red FEAM company in the UK. China mine 5 is a 65 year old central enterprise. It has been installed on the glass bottle production line. 1. The traditional zigzag experiment has completed the high-speed image detection system on the universal experimental machine. The system can detect the roundness of the bottle body, which can measure 800 pieces per minute. At the same time, it can also check the defects on the bottle wall, small bubbles, stones, bulges at the bottom of the bottle and other defects. The defect area can be detected even if it is as small as 0.9 mm2. Defects such as sticking wire on the bottle wall and blowing flash can be found out. The detection system has simple control and high resolution. It adopts a telephoto/zoom camera and has a full material recording device

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