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Research and development of special PET film

Special PET film refers to the differentiated film that is different from the general-purpose films such as printing, aluminizing and packaging produced in large quantities. Its characteristics are the differentiation of production and the personalization of demand

I. history and present of Hangzhou Dahua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Dahua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional manufacturers in China to develop and produce biaxial tensile PET films, with an annual output of 4000 tons of various PET films. The existing biaxially stretched PET film production line of the company was introduced from JSW in 1984. With the passage of time and the progress of technology, the performance of the production line is not advanced enough. The annual output of PET film is 4000 tons, which is the penultimate position in terms of production capacity in China. The output is low and the energy consumption is high. The cost of producing ordinary PET film with this production line is 4000 yuan/ton higher than that of the newly put into production line in China, It is always at a disadvantage in the competition in the field of ordinary PET film and will not be able to participate in the fierce market competition. In order to survive, enterprises must give full play to their strengths in order to remain invincible in the fierce market competition. We note that with the construction of large-scale PET film production lines by international (mainly South Korea, India, etc.) and domestic enterprises, as well as the changing trend of PET film market demand, the structural contradictions of PET film products will become increasingly prominent, while the United States Japan and other developed countries have focused on special-purpose PET film products to meet the needs of the personalized market. According to this development trend, combined with the advantages of the company's small production line, strong technology accumulation and complete software and hardware for new product development, since 1996, the company has increased the investment of the swing rod of impact testing machine in the development of new products, banned the vertical mark, and first carried out the research and development of special PET film in the industry, and proposed the enterprise development strategy of "relying on high technology, developing special film, giving full play to human and financial resources, and creating high benefits", Through nearly 20 years of product development, production and operation of the closed-loop servo control system composed of electrical controller, servo valve, load sensor, displacement sensor and computer, we have accumulated rich experience in production, R & D and technological transformation and a large number of scientific and technological achievements, and established the largest domestic R & D and production base of special PET film, so as to improve the grade of existing PET film products in the domestic market, increase special functions For the purpose of expanding the use of PET film, physical modification, chemical modification, nanocomposite and other technologies are applied to the production of PET film, becoming the manufacturer with the largest variety of PET film in China. The sales volume of special PET film is increasing year by year. It is estimated that special PET film will account for more than 70% of the total output of the company in 2005, with more than 30 varieties. As the products developed are domestic blank products, avoiding the focus of peer competition, the production and operation status of the enterprise remains good and stable. Without extension investment, Dahua's business performance has maintained a continuous increase of nearly 30% in the past two years, and the sales revenue and film output in 2004 have reached the best level in history

II. Classification and market of special PET film

with the continuous expansion of the application field of PET film, higher requirements have been put forward for some properties of PET film. Therefore, new PET film products with special properties and special uses have emerged. The characteristic of this kind of new products is to further improve the performance of individual aspects on the basis of retaining the performance of the original PET film, that is, to give it new special properties, so as to further expand the application field of PET film. Table 1 shows some new PET film products that are currently being developed and produced internationally, classified by performance improvement

due to the particularity of its performance, special PET film has greatly expanded the application fields of the original PET film, such as films for electronic and electrical insulation materials, flame retardant films, highly transparent reflective films, copying films, tracing films, air conditioning films, electrothermal films, architectural decorative films, etc., facing industries or industries with relatively high profits. The existing large-scale and proposed PET film production lines in China are oriented to ordinary packaging films. Therefore, at present, the structural contradiction between supply and demand of domestic PET film is very obvious. The supply of PET film for ordinary packaging exceeds the demand, while PET film products with high value-added special properties and special uses rely on imports for a long time

III. research and development of special PET film

the research and development of special PET film must not be on a whim, temporarily cramming, and the market is bad. Once again, we hope to invest today and output tomorrow. It should be an important part of enterprise strategy

1. Form a consensus

under the guidance of the enterprise strategy of "relying on high technology, developing special films, giving full play to talents and creating high benefits", Hangzhou Dahua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has penetrated the concept of "developing special PET films as the only way for the survival and development of the enterprise" into the hearts of every employee, forming a strong atmosphere of promoting the progress of the enterprise with scientific and technological innovation, Follow the pace of developed countries and combine independent development, make full use of the excellent performance of PET materials and the advantages of non-toxic and harmless, in line with environmental protection requirements, vigorously develop special PET films, promote, and guide the use and consumption

2. Establish a mechanism

in order to maximize the enthusiasm of enterprise scientific and technological personnel, relevant incentive mechanisms must be formulated to ensure. Hangzhou Dahua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has set up a scientific and technological progress award since 1995, which is evaluated once a year to evaluate and confirm the work achievements of technicians in technical measures and technological transformation and new product development, reward technicians who have made contributions, and form a long-term adherence system, so that technicians feel their own importance and sense of achievement

with the continuous introduction of special PET films and the needs of the company's own management, the science and technology progress award of Hangzhou Dahua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has been renamed as the innovation award of Hangzhou Dahua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. since 1998. There are three awards, the first is the science and technology progress award, which is mainly for new product development technicians and equipment, electrical and instrument technicians, the second is the market development award, which is mainly for sales personnel, and the third is the management innovation award, Mainly for managers. Through the annual evaluation and reward over the years, the work enthusiasm and innovation spirit of the company's key personnel have been greatly improved

3. Take action

according to its own production conditions, technical level and understanding of the market, the company establishes research and development goals at all stages, effectively integrates its own human resources, and seeks market share and test means at the price of 1100 ~ 1200 yuan/cubic meter. It has successively independently developed a variety of serialized special PET film products, such as Matt film series, colored film series, reinforcing film, flame retardant film, antistatic film, anti UV film Heat shrinkable film and other special PET films have achieved obvious economic benefits and effectively avoided the vicious competition with peers

4. Technical reserves, targeted

it is also very necessary to selectively develop special PET film new products. We must determine the development focus of the enterprise in combination with the company's production equipment, technical conditions and market grasp, combine the short-term and long-term goals, combine the technical reserves with the short-term and average speed of the market, scientifically analyze and predict the market demand, and see the target and key breakthroughs. At the same time, we should pay close attention to the development of potential markets and make early technical preparations and reserves, which is very necessary for the upgrading of products and maintaining the lasting competitiveness of enterprises

IV. precautions

1. The difference between laboratory technology and industrialization

we often have such experience. Sometimes colleges and universities or research institutes own a new technology or new product, and the market prospect is attractive. When we cooperate with it with hope, we will find that the road of industrialization is still long, and some even have no industrialization value

Hangzhou Dahua Plastic Co., Ltd. actively explored the path of scientific and technological industrialization in the process of special PET film research and development, and paid great attention to the rhythm of resource investment on the basis of fully understanding the difference between laboratory technology and industrialization. On the basis of dynamic simulation experiments, from tracking imitation to independent innovation, from laboratory exploration to industrialization test, from single technology breakthrough to overall coordinated development, multi-party demonstration and comprehensive evaluation. Pay attention to the research of key technologies and equipment and the evaluation of market opportunities and prospects, and do a lot of work between new products going out of the laboratory and industrialization

2. Connection between technical reserves and commercialization

the development capacity of PET film in China is still lagging behind the international advanced level. We must span development, highlight cutting-edge and system integration, and concentrate on breaking through key technologies on the premise of increasing technical reserves. To improve the overall level of science and technology in the industry, while developing high-tech, we need to strengthen basic research only according to simple installation steps. Increasing technical reserves is the guarantee for our new products to emerge one after another, but the commercialization of new products must be combined with market development and market conditions and promoted in a timely manner

in order to meet the needs of the future, Hangzhou Dahua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has chosen the development direction, formulated the short-term, medium-term and long-term development strategies and goals of the enterprise, linked the development goals with the market positioning, and created the core competitiveness and sustainable development ability of the industry

3. Integrated operation of marketing, R & D and production

the new product development of Hangzhou Dahua Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has always been guided by market demand and adheres to the policy of combining planning, R & D, trial production and promotion. In the past two decades, the company has given full play to the advantages of scientific and technological innovation, determined the technological breakthrough and product development goals from market research, analysis and prediction, coordinated the operation through research, trial production, production, use tracking, quality improvement and market development, implemented the "differentiation" strategy, focused on the development of high value-added products, and has developed several series of special PET film products, filling the domestic gap. Due to the operation of the "Trinity" new product development mechanism of scientific research, production and marketing, the development efficiency of special PET film is high, the promotion and application of achievements is fast, and the information feedback is timely, which constantly optimizes the product structure of the company. It is estimated that the output proportion of special PET film products will exceed 70% in 2005, with more than 30 varieties

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