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The research and development of liquid level sensor broke the blockade of foreign technology

"at that time, my main job was to carry the toolbox for foreign experts." Li Gang said with a smile that it also gave him the opportunity to observe the process of foreign experts assembling and debugging the machine. When the project is completed and the foreign experts leave, Li Gang and his colleagues will dismantle and install the shield machine together according to the drawings, repair and reassemble all parts, and do everything possible to prolong the service life of the shield machine. "At that time, an imported shield machine moved hundreds of millions, and we protected it like eyes." Li Gang said that due to proper maintenance, the two shield machines undertook the construction tasks of three domestic railway lines

In 2003, Li Gang was transferred to the shield manufacturing company from the repair shop of China Railway Tunnel Bureau, which coincided with the national "863" plan of "shield machine simulation experiment platform" just settled in the shield manufacturing company. "Shield machine simulation experiment platform" is the starting plan for manufacturing domestic shield machines. Li Gang started from the drawings, sorted out the trend of each system and each cable, and spent five years to be familiar with the whole process

in 2007, the "shield machine simulation experiment platform" passed the acceptance of the national "863" program expert review team, and Li Gang joined in the manufacture of the first domestic shield machine, responsible for the electrical system of this shield machine. In 2008, the first domestic shield machine was successfully rolled off the production line and used in the construction of Tianjin Metro. It was also the first time that domestic shield machines were used in "actual combat", which was highly praised by the workers and owners according to incomplete statistics from relevant departments. Today, China Railway shield has become the largest tunnel equipment supplier in China and the second in the world. Its products are exported to 9 countries and regions overseas. Li Gang is the "operator" of the electrical system of these equipment

the "attending physician" of the electrical system

as the king of construction machinery, the complexity of the electrical system is self-evident. A machine has thousands of cables, hundreds of directions and tens of thousands of nodes, which can be called the most of construction machinery and equipment. These thousands of cables and tens of thousands of nodes are the "blood vessels" of the equipment, and Li Gang is the "attending physician" who gets through these "blood vessels". "Every day in the workshop, I have to connect at least 10000 wire heads, and each one is guaranteed to be correct, so as to control the product quality from the source." Li Gang said

in more than 20 years of work practice, Li Gang has developed a set of skills of "looking, hearing, asking and cutting"

there was a dilemma in the return commissioning of China Railway No. 37 shield project - the drive cabinet to be used for commissioning is still in the sensor and shell parts of the machine and motor, but in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the maintenance of the equipment, the customer requires that the commissioning be carried out in the factory. The round-trip transportation of the drive cabinet will take more than 10 days, greatly delaying the construction period; If it is commissioned in the factory, the voltage required by the shield machine is inconsistent with the workshop voltage. In the face of this problem, Li Gang used the existing frequency conversion cabinet in the workshop to calculate the precise data after the metal instruments were implanted into the human body, and proposed a scheme for the use of 275kw motor under the voltage reduction condition of 400V and 29hz. While solving the problem, it also realized the voltage reduction of motor. Many enterprises in the electrical industry at home and abroad failed to skillfully apply it successfully after purchasing the impact testing machine

there are many such cases, and he is respected as "Electrical Authority" by workshop workers

China Railway 188 TBM is a new project, and the cable direction is completely different from the conventional shield. As the first batch of Hard Rock TBM in China, Li Gang led his colleagues in the electrical workshop to check the data and determine the scheme. After demonstration and experiment, he perfectly solved the problem of regularity of cable direction. The same is China Railway 188. How to improve the accuracy of sensor induction measurement of the belt conveyor? He proposed to optimize and improve the position of the sensor, fix the sensor on the roller of the belt conveyor with a pipe clamp, so that the roller and the sensor become a whole. After optimization, the relative position of the sensor and its sensing point with the roller will not change, which not only solves the accuracy, but also prolongs the service life of the sensor

now, Li Gang is busy researching and developing the localization of "frequency conversion system". "The name of this project is the research and application of integrated technology of frequency conversion cabinet. The frequency conversion system is the core drive of shield machine. Once it is successfully developed, using domestic products to replace imported products can save hundreds of thousands of yuan per unit, and can save tens of millions of funds for enterprises in a year." Li Gang said that at present, the finished products have been taken out and will be installed on the shield machine for trial use. "I have confidence in my products and there will be no problem."

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