Research and development of the hottest lotion res

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Research and development of lotion resin Waterborne UV curable coatings and inks (II)

III. three key technologies of radiation curing

(1. Clean the gear and pinion samples for use I). Light source - green light source development and use technology:

1. Electron beam (EB) is produced by electron accelerator. This equipment has high one-time investment and less than 10% use ratio, but it is suitable for deep curing and food packaging, and has a certain application space

2. Ultraviolet light (LTV) is provided by ultraviolet light source. At present, more than 90% of it is ultraviolet light source, which is widely used in printing, wood, optical fiber, photoresist and other fields. However, it is not suitable for the coating of complex shaped coating parts, and the construction environment is prone to ozone and UV damage, which is difficult to promote in the field of civil home decoration. Therefore, the use of this light source is limited and can be replaced. The reasons for this phenomenon are various

3. Visible light source - one of the most promising and important light sources found by Yingli

visible light curing technology is a newly developed technology by Beijing Yingli Technology Development Co., Ltd., which can effectively reduce the impact of starting and loading on electromechanical oil pumps

the visible light source can emit a large number of dense line spectra, and its main spectrum is in the range of nm. Its energy distribution and light intensity distribution in different wavelength ranges are shown in table 4:

Table 4

normal align=center> radiation

normal align=center> conduction and convection losses (%)

normal align=center> ultraviolet (%)

normal align=center> visible (%)

normal align=center> infrared (%)

normal align=center>3.4

normal align=center>34

normal align=center>54

normal align=center>

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