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Research and development of high speed cutting process database (Part 2)

in order to improve the retrieval efficiency and reduce the total amount of data information, in each table in Figure 2, only the part of data information corresponding to the HSM cutting instance and the table name is loaded to form a record. In other words, all data information of an HSM instance is stored in four tables respectively A total of 4 records are occupied, and only one of them can be selected for rough and finish machining. By setting up a primary key in each table, that is, the column with the key mark in Figure 2, its content can neither be repeated nor empty, and it must be noted when it is unknown, as shown in Figure 3. By setting up a query, some enterprises can't see the scrap iron quotation, that is, showing the same column in a certain two tables, it can make a data information record in the workpiece material, process picture and tool table, Link to multiple records in the process table. In this way, the repetition of records in the first three tables is avoided, and the number can be reduced accordingly It will play an important role in the future when the total amount of data and information is large. On the other hand, it ensures that each record in the process form is linked with each record in the other three forms as a whole, which can prevent redundant data information

Figure 4 operation process of database software

3 user operation interface of software

visual user operation interface of software, including main interface, user query interface and management interface. Their functions in the human-machine dialogue operation software program are shown in Figure 4. Each interface is equipped with a pull-down menu or mouse button commonly used in Microsoft software, which provides users with click to choose, which is convenient for operation and use

after starting the database software, the user first comes to the main interface, where he can see the name of the unit participating in the research and development of the database system, and enter the query interface or management interface through the mouse button. The user needs to exit the program after finishing work, and also through the main interface under normal circumstances

huge plastic waste has become an urgent problem to be solved. After entering the query interface, users first need to select or enter the name of workpiece material The mouse or keyboard action automatically retrieves all information records consistent with the material name from the material table of the background database through the ODBC interface, and returns them to the query interface through the ODBC interface. Next, you need to click to select a material brand and select rough machining or finish machining. Through the contact and interaction between the query interface and the background database, the retrieved process information records will be displayed on the query interface, or there will be no corresponding records. At this time, it needs to be changed to finish machining or rough machining. For the former case, you need to continue to click and select the brand or process picture number of the tool, and then complete the operation of retrieving the tool information and process picture information in turn. The process pictures can also be magnified. Figure 5 shows the user query interface

in the above process, you can interrupt the current operation at any time and return to the retrieval of any previous information, such as giving up the last tool information retrieval and directly returning to the selection or inputting the next material name from scratch. Once the required data information is retrieved, you can click the button in the upper left corner of the query interface to enter the information output interface, print them out in screen display style, or export them in Microsoft Office document image writing (.Mdi), page (HTML), text (txt) and other file formats. The data information can also be called and viewed under the UNIX operating system or in the CNC numerical control system of the machine tool

in order to facilitate the modification of process technical data and maintenance system, the software adds a management interface. After entering the management field by typing the password, you can directly add, update or even delete data information in the running state of the software program, without having to end the program and enter the SQL Server2000 platform to complete the operation

press the "query/3" key

Figure 5 user query interface

4 accumulation of process technology data

HSM process technology data of database system, which currently involves various workpiece materials such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, steel, cast iron and paper-based honeycomb core. Milling cutter materials mainly include cemented carbide and diamond. Among them, the diamond milling cutter head used by an automobile engine factory to mill cast aluminum alloy workpiece at a linear speed of more than 3900m/min has not only high processing quality and efficiency, but also long tool life, and achieved good economic results. For another example, in the laboratory, TiAlN coated cemented carbide milling cutter is used for high-speed hard milling of hardened steel dies with a hardness of 52hrc. The linear speed is more than 200m/min, the surface roughness reaches ra0.33 m, and the processing time is saved. In these HSM cutting examples, the spindle speed of the machine tool is as high as 15000 to 28000 R/min. Another representative cutting data is the feed rate, which reaches 6 to 8m/min in many machining examples

in terms of the geometry of the workpiece, there are multi ribbed and thin-walled integral structural parts in the machining example, and the material removal rate is up to more than 80%. Efforts need to be made to control the machining deformation and improve the efficiency, which can realize functionalization in the fully integrated automatic process, while milling paper-based honeycomb core specimens requires the use of special fixtures and milling cutters. In addition, there are complex three-dimensional free-form surfaces in the example, which can be processed and formed by four or even five axis NC milling

hsm process technology data will continue to accumulate from these two aspects in the future. 5. Looking forward to the high-speed cutting process database above

, it has been submitted to Chinese cooperative enterprises participating in international cooperation projects for trial use. Through extensive listening to opinions, we are ready to expand it into a high-speed cutting process expert system that can be accessed remotely through the network with the further support and cooperative efforts of the state, local governments and domestic enterprises

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