Research and development of coating technology for

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Research and development of coating technology for plastic beer bottles

high performance materials exhibition will be held in Osaka. Development reason: polyester (PET) is one of the main raw materials in the field of food or drug packaging, but as a beer packaging bottle, pet's gas barrier is still not high enough

the key point of plastic beer packaging: control the inhalation of air during storage, because the oxygen in the air will promote the premature aging, filling and deterioration of beer. PET beer bottles are coated to prevent air infiltration and carbon dioxide leakage

market prospect: the future market development of PET bottles will mainly focus on high barrier and sterile packaging bottles. The technology of high barrier packaging bottles is relatively difficult, which is a problem facing the world at present

plasma coating technology

this is the development hotspot with the most market potential among various coating methods, and it is a dry treatment process. The depth of plasma surface treatment is nanometer, which can significantly improve the physical properties of the material interface, while the material body will not be affected

advantages: easy to operate, clean, efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free

diamond type carbon coating  DLC 

this technology is developed by Japan Nissin ASB in cooperation with Kirin Beer Company, Mitsubishi Corporation and youtec company. At the same time, it also requires that thermal insulation materials have high temperature resistance. In this process, high-frequency current vacuum discharge is used to make ionic carbon and hydrogen form a diamond like carbon structure fine coating with a thickness of 20 ~ 40nm on the surface of the bottle

advantages: 1. The resistance to oxygen is more than 20 times higher than that of ordinary PET bottles, the resistance to CO2 is 7 times higher, the resistance to water is 8 times higher, and the UV resistance is also improved; 2. The coating is not only transparent, soft, not easy to crack, but also acid-base resistant

amorphous carbon coating  ACTIS

ACTIS barrier treatment technology developed by Sidel company in France is for this purpose. This technology condenses the plasma acetylene on the inner wall of the bottle into a uniform solid film of highly hydrogenated amorphous carbon, with a thickness of 20 ~ 150mm

advantages: 1. Compared with ordinary PET bottles, the oxygen isolation effect of the treated PET bottles is increased by 30 times, the permeability of CO2 is increased by more than 7 times, and the permeability of acetaldehyde is increased by 6 times. After six months of storage with this bottled beer, the loss rate of carbonated gas is only 6%. 2. It has strong advantages in recycling. Because the amount of coating material is small, and the structure (2) is similar to polymer according to the task conditions and effect of the friction pair, the physical properties and color of the fiber made from the recycled ACTIS bottle will not be affected, and the mixing with other raw materials without coating treatment will not affect the conversion process or the characteristics of the final packaging

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