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U.S. military spending has been severely reduced, and it is difficult to restart the research and development of F35 fighter standby engine

according to U.S. reports, although the U.S. Senate is trying to save it, it is unlikely to restart the F-35 standby engine project suspended by the Pentagon. According to Defense Weekly on July 20, experts said that although the U.S. Senate is trying to save it, the possibility of restarting the F-35 standby engine project with a porosity of up to 99.8% suspended by the Pentagon is not as great as hextow hm63, which has excellent fiber properties in the composite. Experts believe that it is extremely difficult to allocate billions of dollars from the Pentagon's tight budget to this project under the premise of possible budget reduction in 2016, which will also affect another engine project of the U.S. Department of defense. In 2011, the Obama Administration suspended the standby engine project and decided that it would not support the restart of this project in the future. According to the Ministry of defense, the F-35 main engine produced by Pratt Whitney can not only meet the needs, but also save billions of dollars. On June 23, there were 10 large plastic markets. The engine of an F-35 of the US Air Force caught fire when it took off, causing all flights of this series of fighters to be stopped

the US Senate Armed Services Committee released a report last week, recommending that the Pentagon reassess the value of the standby engine project. The report also said that continuing the competition brought by this project will encourage Pratt Whitney to improve engine performance and reduce the price. Experts said that if the standby engine project continues, the USAF's adaptive engine technology development project may have to pay for it. The Pentagon plans to invest $1billion in this project to develop the sixth generation fighter engine

Richard Aboulafia, aviation consultant of teal group, wrote in the email: the debate about the standby engine has little to do with precise analysis or technical evaluation, and more to do with parties and geopolitics. The cause of the engine fire is that under normal circumstances, the engine blades will rub against the housing, but the excessive friction of a particular blade will lead to the fire. This is the second engine accident in eight months, but Pentagon officials said the accident was purely a case. Global

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