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Breakthrough technology research and development is the key to the cable industry

around 2008, although the world is facing a serious financial crisis, this does not seem to hinder the development of the cable industry after domestic wire and electricity communicate with importers. Even in 2011, China beat its old rival the United States with a total cable output value of 1 trillion, becoming the world's largest producer. Around 2008, although the world was facing a serious financial crisis, it did not seem to hinder the development of the domestic wire and cable industry. Even in 2011, China beat its old rival the United States with a total cable output value of 1 trillion and became the world's largest producer. The reason why such remarkable achievements can be achieved is first related to the rapid development of the national economy. Even in the financial crisis, the state allocated 4trillion market rescue funds to provide strong help for the development of the wire and cable industry

however, since 2012, the domestic cable industry has faced great obstacles to its development, and it can even be said to be unable to move forward. First, overcapacity and insufficient operating rate have seriously lagged the development of the industry; Secondly, the low profit margin caused some domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to be unable to support and delisted one after another. There are many reasons for the low profit margin of the entire cable industry, such as the sharp rise in the price of raw materials, the increasingly fierce market competition, the impact of phased seasons, etc., but the author believes that this does not touch the essence of the low profit margin of the cable. In fact, the most essential problem is that the technology rootlessness of the domestic wire and cable industry has caused the development dilemma of the cable industry today

although in recent years, many voices have complained bitterly about the insufficient technology R & D capacity and low technology investment cost of the cable industry, there is a lack of systematic and in-depth research. In fact, if we can study and deliberate on the technology R & D capability, we can find out the root cause of the low profit margin of domestic cable manufacturers, so as to find effective ways to avoid it. But at present, the domestic cable industry seems to be in a strange circle, saying much more than doing

in fact, compared with the international wire and cable industry, China's wire and cable industry has great deficiencies in technology. The most prominent problem is that local wire and cable enterprises have not kept up with the pace of wire and cable research and development in the world. Although they have also made some achievements in local technology, they are still weak in the research and development of high-end wire and cable, and it is difficult to compete with international cable giants

at present, the production and sales of wires and cables in China are the first in the world, but the industrial concentration is low. Enterprises have a serious convergence in product varieties and technology selection, and lack the core competitiveness to achieve 1 positioning energy GH1, forming a trend of industry homogenization competition

in addition, the technology system in cable enterprises is basically in the stage of copying or translating foreign technologies, and even imitation has not reached 100%, so innovation is impossible. The local cable enterprises obviously cannot keep up with the investment in new technologies. This is closely related to capital issues and innovation awareness. Of course, the existing capital, technology and every major link of the commercialization of enterprises' products are in the process of running in

the bloody reality is that cable prices are falling rapidly and continuously, while cable manufacturers are constantly investing costs and energy to recover the declining prices and profits. In this cruel competition, it mainly depends on which side has a faster average speed. If wire and cable manufacturers want to grow, they only have two necessary conditions: first, the ability to quickly update technology; 2、 The product updates necessary to adapt to this technological update and the organizational efficiency of the commercialization of these products

to have the ability of rapid technology update, cable enterprises must have the ability to create competitive new products. Behind this ability is a powerful R & D system of the enterprise itself, as well as the technical resources outside the enterprise (now usually refers to the global scope) associated with this system, which can be integrated into their own organizational system. Because in the real market, it is not like magic to quickly transform new products, but it must have a strong background research and development system

for the second point, organizational efficiency means that we should quickly bring the R & D results to the market and return the remuneration at the first time

in addition, the export of extruders has declined as a whole this year.

from the current situation of the wire and cable industry, China's wire and cable enterprises obviously do not have the first ability and do not have their own R & D system. The so-called product innovation is a low-level imitation based on other people's products, and the owners of technology will not sell their own capital to us, Therefore, the so-called protection and maintenance method of Jinan gold testing pressure testing machine in China, the local wire and cable industry is only an assembly plant and processing plant to a certain extent

from the second point of view, China's wire and cable enterprises still have not established their own new enterprise organization to cope with rapid technological changes. The huge inventory of loss making enterprises has proved our lack of organizational and operational capacity

the rapid pace of technological renewal and transformation should not be simply regarded as a technical problem. It determines the evolution of organizational form to some extent, because rapid technological renewal can accelerate the improvement of organizational efficiency, so that organizations can better adapt to the competition of this competitive pattern

China's wire and cable enterprises lack the ability to quickly update technology, which to a large extent inhibits the development of China's wire and cable enterprises' fast operating enterprise organization, and this organizational form is very easy to create inventory for enterprises, which in turn inhibits the technological innovation of enterprises. Judging from the current loss situation of the wire and cable industry, China's wire and cable enterprises are in such a dilemma. The black hole in the financial statements is a numerical result, and converting this result to the image market is a huge burden. The tragedy of this industry is really thought-provoking

obviously, the honeymoon period of China's wire and cable development seems to have passed. At present, local wire and cable manufacturers will face great challenges from the world. In this battle, domestic wire and cable manufacturers can survive and develop. Once they fail in this battle, they face the risk of being eliminated by the market. This is especially true for large enterprises. As international cable giants continue to penetrate China's cable market, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. If we can't compete for the fat meat of the high-end market by increasing the cost of technology research and development, there are only hungry mouths and huge pressure caused by capital waiting for enterprises

we should keep a clear understanding that the price model of low-price production factors that we used to rely on is wrong, because the price advantage of low-price production factors is not determined by the price of these factors, but by organizational variables such as technology and management. Whoever masters variables such as technology and management, in turn, can grasp the advantage of low-price production factors, Therefore, the real growth of local wire and cable enterprises should be the growth of technology and management, rather than temporary immediate interests

obviously, the fundamental factor that determines the development of the domestic wire and cable industry is not the vicious competition in the market, nor the rising cost of raw materials, but the key is technology and management. On the contrary, if the technology and management problems cannot be solved, the advantages of wire and cable manufacturing enterprises cannot be reflected. If you want to enter the high-end market and improve the profit margin, it is tantamount to fantasy. At that time, you can only be led and pressed by foreign cable giants

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