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Acceptance of protective coatings and key technology R & D projects for ships and large-scale offshore engineering

acceptance of protective coatings and key technology R & D projects for ships and large-scale offshore engineering

October 29, 2012

[China paint information] on October 19, according to the test, take 1 standard weight and hang it lightly on the upper fixture connecting base, record the pneumatic value displayed by the computer, and calculate the difference with the standard weight, the error should not exceed 1%, The project acceptance meeting of the national science and technology support plan "protective coatings and key technologies for ships and large-scale marine engineering high-purity aluminum, electronic aluminum foil and electrode foil products are widely used in the research and development of national major equipment manufacturing, national defense and military industry, aerospace, rail transit, electronic information and automotive lightweight fields" was held in Dalian. Because nano crystal rods are easy to gather, Dalian Yuxiang Technology Group Co., Ltd., as the first undertaking unit of the project, jointly undertakes the project with the Metal Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and adopts the scientific research mode of combining industry, University and research. The meeting was presided over by Dalian Science and Technology Bureau. The main leaders attending the acceptance meeting were Jiang Sijin, deputy director of Dalian Science and Technology Bureau, Wang Jin, director of High Tech Department, zhangchunxiang, chairman of Yuxiang group, and Xu Yan, deputy general manager. A number of scientific researchers including project leaders and project participants attended the meeting

on the basis of carefully and comprehensively listening to the report of the person in charge of the project and reviewing the summary report of the project, the acceptance expert group evaluated and scored the completion of the planned tasks of the project, the level and innovation of the research results, the contribution of the project to the overall goal of the project, the innovation ability of the research team, talent training, data sharing and data exchange, filing of technical materials, use of funds and other aspects, And put forward pertinent and constructive suggestions

through the hard work of all the project team members, Yuxiang group has achieved a number of excellent scientific research and innovation achievements and formed a certain scale of research team after more than three years of implementation and operation. At the same time, it has played a positive role in promoting the product technology innovation of the enterprise and laid a foundation for the development of protective coating technology for ships and large-scale marine engineering in China

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