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According to the news on July 2, 2014, many enterprises that have obtained virtual operation licenses are on fire step 1: first, check the mechanical part of the software, such as the safety pin installed in the support seat and can slide freely in it, and the connecting lever connected with this safety pin, when preparing to release numbers, insiders said, In fact, virtual operators are not so easy to do. Each virtual operator and the three major operators need to sign an agreement to promise the number of users. Only when a certain number of users and business income are completed can they get the corresponding Commission. If the goal is not achieved, the deposit will be deducted, and the better the city, the higher the amount of completion is required

although some virtual operators have recently announced that they will release numbers to create their own world, at present, virtual operators are more like the channel agents of the three major operators

it is reported that not long ago, China Unicom adjusted the number distribution areas of different virtual operators, and determined different revenue and number of numbers for each virtual operator according to different cities. It was previously reported that at the initial stage, the number of virtual operators was only about 20000. However, insiders revealed that in fact, there was no such limit. Unicom's number of virtual operators by the end of the year was 40.5 million, and it was enough to complete this task. Chinatelecom assigned each virtual operator the same number of tasks, except for some small virtual operators who only worked in regional markets

in addition, the settlement price of virtual operators determined by China Unicom is based on the annual income scale of virtual operators. The higher the income of virtual operators, the higher the share they get. For example, if the annual income of virtual operators is less than 20million yuan, the discount rate is 30%, and the highest annual income is more than 200million yuan, the discount rate is 60%. Since its establishment in 1999, the settlement price of China Unicom has been tax free. The highest reward given by Chinatelecom to the virtual operators with the best performance is a discount rate of 40%

are virtual operators still making money? A virtual operator told that the initial hardware investment of each virtual operator is at least 15million yuan, and the development of five or six million users a year will not earn back the cost. The key is to see the business ability. The development of virtual operator users is more about seizing the entrance. With users and promoting some valuable applications, we can get returns. Virtual operators can never make money by relying on the revenue of voice and traffic alone

however, bus CEO Wang Xianshu previously said that he was not worried about this. He believed that the competitors of virtual operators were not among the 19, nor among the three basic operators. Because each virtual operator enterprise has a deep market foundation in its original business field, for this market, adding the service of virtual operators can greatly improve the viscosity of users in the original market and the up value of users in the crude oil market, so it is worth them to do virtual operations

in addition, there are 100million numbers in section 170 dedicated to virtual operators. At present, there are 30million numbers for each virtual operator, 10million for each operator, and all subsequent numbers will also be assigned to virtual operators

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