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Virtual operation to build packaging enterprises (Part 2)

(II) micro significance

1. It is conducive to enterprises to achieve low "sponge" and instantly produce horizontal or vertical displacement and local rapid expansion. With a small amount of capital, virtual operation can effectively list the project and the base as the national rare metal recycling demonstration project, the national key industry revitalization and technological transformation project, the national urban mineral demonstration base and the national regional large-scale renewable resource recovery and utilization base, appropriately mobilize all kinds of resources required, use small costs, and realize the fastest expansion of production capacity, Quickly achieve economies of scale

2. It is conducive to improving the market adaptability of enterprises. Practice has proved that the strategy of virtual operation can enable enterprises to enhance agility and provide products and services that meet market demand at low cost and high quality in the shortest time

3. It is the best talent or human resources needed by enterprises to combine businesses or projects in the best way. The activity of talents or human resources gives them the opportunity to constantly accept new knowledge in the new environment, so as to produce innovative ideas; On the other hand, it also enables enterprises to avoid the redundancy of human resources caused by market changes and technological progress

4. It is conducive to reducing business risks. With the rapid changes of technology and market, there are great risks for enterprises to invest in non core businesses. At this time, the best way is virtual operation. Through social division of labor and cooperation, enterprises share risks, share achievements and create competitive advantages. Virtual enterprise is especially suitable for large, comprehensive and complete businesses and projects, especially those with complex technology, requiring various professional technical knowledge, and requiring multiple processes and links

III. The necessity of virtual operation of packaging enterprises

(I) the need for export-oriented resource utilization

the so-called export-oriented refers to the trend of enterprises to use external resources. The limitation of resources and the infinity of market demand are the main contradictions that packaging enterprises always face. However, the pressure of technological innovation, the continuous expansion of scale and the rapidly changing market make packaging enterprises unable to rely on their internal resources alone. It urgently needs to break through the boundaries of tangible organizational structure and make full use of external resources. With the emergence of advanced production modes such as agile manufacturing and virtual manufacturing, the traditional enterprise organization and resource allocation have undergone fundamental changes, so that the market competition is no longer the competition of a single enterprise, but the competition of alliances. China's packaging enterprises should comply with this development trend

(II) the requirements of professional division of labor

the progress of science and technology has made the product structure more and more complex, and the specialized production of parts and components has become an inevitable development trend. The production of a product is no longer just by one enterprise, nor by several enterprises, but by the mutual cooperation and support of a group of enterprises. In addition, large enterprises pay attention to the cooperative factors in the competition with small and medium-sized enterprises in order to achieve win-win results. All these have made the relationship between large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises gradually evolve into a "symbiotic relationship" from the "big eat small" of the "law of the jungle" in the past. It can be seen that specialized division of labor is the main link of the virtual management organization of small and medium-sized packaging enterprises, and it is also the practical basis for its implementation of virtual management

(III) the need for global competition

the globalization wave of the world packaging industry is in the ascendant, and the current situation of "scattered, small and poor" of the entire packaging industry determines the increase in China's packaging industry after China's accession to the WTO. There is no doubt that the effective organizational model of virtual operation can be used to strengthen the strategic alliance between enterprises, and enhance the core capabilities of enterprises through specialization and complementary advantages, Enhance the global competitiveness of the packaging industry

IV. strategic arrangement of virtual operation of packaging enterprises

the biggest change of enterprises in the future will be the change of organizational structure. Enterprises must break through the boundaries of the original entity organization, move from competition to cooperation, jointly create value and jointly improve competitiveness. Innovations such as management methods and business strategies will be based on the change of organizational structure. The virtual business model itself is an advanced concept of organizational structure reform. Packaging enterprises must be prepared to meet the wave of virtual business

(I) do something and then do something -- strengthen core competitiveness

virtual operation is essentially a combination of related core competitiveness. Therefore, packaging enterprises must cultivate and highlight their core competitive advantages as much as possible. Due to the differences in financial, material and human resources, it is impossible for enterprises to have competitive advantages in all aspects. Therefore, this requires enterprises to "do something and then do something", and do not blindly diversify. By stripping out some non leading businesses, the enterprise will concentrate its internal resources to strengthen the competitive advantage of its main businesses, that is, first of all, to form a certain core competitiveness, which is the premise for packaging enterprises to successfully implement the virtual business strategy, because only in this way can they have the capabilities required by their partners

(II) borrowing chicken to lay eggs - Outsourcing non critical businesses

market competitiveness is further improved. "Outsourcing" literally means "external sourcing", which refers to a management mode in which enterprises integrate and utilize the best external professional resources, so as to reduce costs, improve efficiency, give full play to their core competitiveness and enhance the rapid response ability of enterprises to the environment. From the perspective of value chain, no enterprise in the world will have a competitive advantage in all business links. Therefore, in order to maintain and strengthen the core business and make the enterprise more competitive, the enterprise can only retain the most critical core business may day, and other links that cannot do the best under the constraints of the limited resources of the enterprise can be "virtualized", that is, the implementation of business outsourcing strategy. The concept of business outsourcing is: if a certain link in the supply chain is not the best in the world, if it is not the core competitive advantage, if this activity is not separated from customers, if it can obtain higher value resources than self-made at a lower cost, then outsource it to the best professional company

(III) undertake outsourcing business - do a good job in "expert enterprise"

as a supporting service industry for the development of the national economy, the packaging industry can only focus on its specialty fields by undertaking the outsourcing business of other industries or contracting business with each other in the packaging industry, and form a stable cooperative relationship in cooperation and competition to make itself a "satellite factory", so as to achieve a win-win situation. This will bring new development opportunities for packaging enterprises, especially small and medium-sized packaging enterprises

(IV) work together in the same boat - form a strategic alliance

the characteristics of strategic alliance are mainly reflected in that when it reaches the goal of common interests, it can quickly combine and participate in market competition as a whole; When their common goals do not exist, the member enterprises can quickly break up without too much loss and risk. Strategic alliance can prevent a single enterprise from fighting alone in market competition and reduce various business risks. The development of packaging enterprises should rely more on the strategic alliance between them, that is, on the premise of not denying independent operation, the members of the combination should jointly invest in the production, processing, sales, procurement, transportation, finance, services and logistics, so as to promote the joint enterprises to continuously improve economic benefits

(V) balanced investment

balanced investment mainly refers to the participation of minority interests, which is usually associated with a technology research contract, especially when a large company and a small and medium-sized enterprise with high-tech development ability invest the risk capital required for technology development in the form of equity participation, in exchange for the sharing and use right of technology development achievements. This kind of equity does not change the independent identity and status of both parties. Once the technology research contract expires, the equity can be cleared with the patent. On the one hand, the technology can be obtained, and on the other hand, the equity can be recovered

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