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VIPA: complementary advantages make the best of each other.

German VIPA, founded in 1985, is an automation system expert integrating special chip research and development and PLC product design and production. With high-speed and high-performance product characteristics and technical advantages, it has served global industrial manufacturing for 28 years, has been highly recognized and affirmed in the market, and occupies a leading position in the industry. In 2013, the global sales of VIPA achieved stable growth. It is said that Huipeng will enter the field of motion control. How will it enter? With the above questions, at the Industrial Expo held in November 2013, we interviewed Mr. zhengjingsheng, sales director of the Beijing Representative Office of Huipeng Automation Co., Ltd

Mr. zhengjingsheng, sales director of Beijing Representative Office of German Huipeng Automation Co., Ltd.

Huipeng first entered China with the establishment of PI China organization in 1997, and set up a liaison office in Beijing. In 2008, the Beijing Representative Office of German VIPA GmbH was officially established, and the Shanghai office was subsequently established, and has developed sales channels and partners throughout the country. Unlike most foreign investors who set up production plants in China, all R & D and production of Huipeng are in Germany. The current marketing mode of VIPA is unified research and development, unified production, unified quality, and localized sales and service. President Zheng said

the current product line is divided into four parts: control system and i/o, fieldbus, HMI, chip. In some systems with high-speed data acquisition and high requirements for computing processing capacity, Huipeng has advantages over its peers. Our speed7cpu processor and communication chipset are all developed by ourselves. The core technology of PLC lies in the system operation processing ability and bus communication. These are supported by our own dedicated chips, so we will have great technical advantages, and also have strong advantages in the consistency and continuity of product functions. President Zheng emphasized

with its high-speed and high-performance product features and technical advantages, Huipeng has served the global industrial manufacturing industry for 28 years. Huipeng not only won the affirmation of users and markets in the industry, but also gave itself a beautiful report card. In 2013, Huipeng's global sales were expected to increase by 20% over last year, meeting the company's expectations. China also achieved year-on-year growth in the context of the gradual recovery of the domestic economic situation

among the high-profile market activities and various brand promotions of many automation enterprises, Huipeng company is slightly low-key, which is also different from other foreign-funded enterprises. President Zheng told that the Shanghai Industrial Expo has become a must attend exhibition for Huipeng every year. Beijing Automation Exhibition and multinational instruments "talked about the project that won the second prize of the 2014 National Technological Invention Award - the exhibition of key technologies for biological preparation and industrialized utilization of functional high molecular polyamino acids, as well as some metallurgical, rubber and plastic and other industry exhibitions will also participate. Even if new product launches and other activities are held, they will choose to be held at the exhibition. In his view, the exhibition gathered many industry insiders and built the best exhibition platform for enterprises. At this Industrial Expo, we saw that the exhibits of Huipeng company covered all the mainstream products of VIPA, including the high-performance 300s series PLC system based on speed7 technology, in which the two 300scpu integrating Profibus and PROFINET dual master stations and PROFIBUS and EtherCAT dual master stations were quite eye-catching; The slio series high-speed distributed IO system, which is compatible with all the mainstream industrial bus technologies in Europe and the United States, has added a heavyweight new member, that is, slio cpu014 and 015, which are also based on speed7 technology. This is the first time that slio CPU has appeared in China. It has changed the traditional design concept and presented a different PLC world, thus realizing the extension of speed7 technology from large and medium-sized applications to small and medium-sized applications; In addition, the traditional 200V and 100V series of small and medium-sized PLC, eco panels and all metal high-performance professional panels are also displayed to protect the environment. All products have their own characteristics, and most of them are medium and high-end products. President Zheng stressed that brand publicity is important, but the quality and positioning of the product itself are more important

intellectualization requires constant speed tensile testing machine, which is the development trend of modern manufacturing industry, and motion control is one of the core technologies of modern manufacturing. President Zheng said: at present, there are no other motion control products in our product system except simple stepping and servo control modules, but we have a good control platform. Besides high speed and high performance, Huipeng's products integrate the communication technology of various manufacturers, which is also our major advantage. In this way, the integration or access of other systems will be very convenient. Subsequently, President Zheng revealed to us the recent major strategic decisions of VIPA

vipa's speed7 technology platform and strong controller R & D capabilities have received special attention from the Yaskawa group. As an excellent enterprise in the driver industry, Yaskawa has always wanted to become an overall solution supplier. After many talks between the senior executives of both sides, when the workpiece was impacted, it was finally decided to hold VIPA through Yaskawa Europe Co., Ltd., so as to achieve a perfect fit between the two enterprises. VIPA has extraordinary accumulation in the fields of PLC, i/o module and human-machine interface. Combined with Yaskawa's frequency converter, AC servo system and robot products, it can help VIPA provide a comprehensive automation product portfolio to the broad market; VIPA's expertise in the field of control technology can greatly improve the technical level of Yaskawa controller. Combined with the engineering resources of Yaskawa's drive, motion and robot departments, VIPA will form a strong development team in Europe and give full play to the technical advantages of both sides. There is no overlap between the product portfolio of VIPA and Yaskawa, but there is strong complementarity, which can produce huge synergy. As Wolfgang seel, the founder and CEO of VIPA, said, this cooperation provides a huge market opportunity for both sides

as the VIPA brand of high-performance control system, it will continue to maintain its advantages in the fields of PLC, i/o system and HMI, and greatly strengthen its research and development in the field of motion control technology. More high-performance VIPA products are worth looking forward to! In the company's management system, VIPA will maintain independent market operation and management, strengthen existing sales channels, expand new markets, and work closely with other departments in Yaskawa to expand their application fields and provide customers with more comprehensive and perfect solutions

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