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High fidelity engine "mechanical century" creates a 3D physical world

Mechanical century is a 3D physical sandbox mobile game independently developed by sand studio. It adopts the latest unity 3D engine and is committed to creating a super realistic physical world for players. The game will be launched on the apple store on January 10, 2019. What kind of surprise will its game quality bring to players by taking full digital pulse control? Take a preview

cool mecha, magnificent buildings, bases, etc., which are assembled by players themselves, have been greatly restored in the game. Every small part is vividly and carefully displayed, such as hinges, connecting strips, gears and other mechanical parts. If you put them to the maximum, you can also clearly see the small texture of metal materials. The game makes fine adjustments through a large number of physical parameters, plus details such as halo and shadow. Finally, through the blessing of technology, the quality of the game picture is improved to the highest level, bringing top-level visual enjoyment to players

so how do you do all this? Based on unity 3D engine, the R & D team of spark tester and take-up device mechanical century made customized optimization for the physical needs of the above 5000 movable parts. For example, the chariot supports that all parts can be destroyed and dropped dynamically, and the building supports the dynamic crushing effect based on Physics... After testing and optimization, 8) normal wear and tear, this function has good adaptability to all kinds of "slag machines", so that all kinds of "slag machines" can also run smoothly. In addition, different from other games of the same type, the physical calculation of "mechanical century" is accurate to a single part, not like other games. In order to simplify the whole chariot as a whole, its physical frame rate can reach up to 120 frames, which makes the local players immersive and gain endless game experience

in the mechanical century, you can use the joint system to connect the iron plates to make tracks, and rely on accurate collision and friction to make tank movement; Each wing will calculate the air resistance and lift independently, and you can also adjust the angle oil system of the wing to control the steering of the aircraft accurately; Each part will independently calculate the resistance of buoyancy in the water. You can also use physical knowledge to reasonably design the center of gravity of the warship and use buoyancy to maintain balance... Are you excited about such a high fidelity engine

as a physical sandbox mobile game masterpiece, mechanical century perfectly integrates physical knowledge with advanced engine technology, and should be loved by many sandbox players. At present, the mechanical century has been put on file and launched on the apple store on January 10. Please look forward to it

[source: my warship: mechanical century official]

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