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Vincorex introduces the latest bio based isocyanate polymer

vincorex recently launched a new aliphatic isocyanate polymer, tolonate xflo100, which is the latest partially bio based, solvent-free product suitable for the field of coatings. Vincorex said that tolonate xflo100 has a low viscosity formula and excellent performance, making it an ideal choice for polyurethane and polyurea materials

vincorex global HDI and derivatives affirmed that after-sales service is to reduce the loss caused by equipment failure. With the extensive use of PP materials in automotive interiors, supervisor per Erik velin said that new products are a major step towards "green" in the isocyanate industry. According to the assessment 6, the main matters of soliciting public opinions, new products contain 25% renewable materials. Tolonate xflo100 is registered in Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Japan and the United States, and is regarded as a polymer in Europe

as an important supplier in the polyurethane industry, vencorex aims to develop environmentally friendly technologies and new materials to save energy, time and money

in the summer of 2012, ventorex was established in Besto, Sweden and pttgc, Thailand, accounting for 49:51. Vincorex is mainly responsible for the production and sales of polyurethane raw materials TDI, aliphatic isocyanate IPDI, HDI and derivatives

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