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Virtual manufacturing system and its key technologies


the basic technology of today's manufacturing industry is becoming more and more mature, and its market is in a consumer oriented market environment. Product variety, time to market and user satisfaction have become the main factors for enterprises to obtain competitive advantage. The fierce global competition in manufacturing industry has constantly spawned various advanced manufacturing technologies and new manufacturing philosophies. Virtual manufacturing technology will surge to the forefront in the next century. Its simple ideas and high-tech means are highly respected by the research field and industry

1 virtual manufacturing technology

virtual 5 The basic idea of auto scale manufacturing is to carry out virtual integration of the whole process of product manufacturing in the upstream design stage of the product manufacturing process, solve the problems that may occur in the whole stage, and achieve the success of one-time manufacturing of products through the optimization of design

virtual reality technology is a virtual environment that uses sensory tissue simulation equipment and dynamic models of real or virtual environments to generate or create environments or realities that people can perceive, so that people can act on computer-generated three-dimensional simulation models by intuition. Virtual manufacturing technology based on virtual reality technology integrates design and manufacturing processes under a unified model. It integrates various processes and technologies related to product manufacturing on a three-dimensional, dynamic solid digital model that simulates the real process. Its purpose is to simulate the influence of various activities in the future manufacturing process and even the whole life cycle of products on product design in a timely, parallel manner with the help of modeling and simulation technology in the product design stage, predict, detect, and evaluate product performance and manufacturability with the purpose of reducing material cost and improving product quality at the same time. So as to organize production more effectively, economically and flexibly, enhance the level of decision-making and control, effectively reduce the backtracking changes caused by early design to later manufacturing, and achieve the minimization of product development cycle and cost, the optimization of product design quality, and the maximization of production efficiency

virtual manufacturing system is the virtual integration of various manufacturing functions. Its visual integration scope includes the functions of various subsystems related to design, such as user support, engineering analysis, material selection, process planning, tooling analysis, rapid prototyping, and even the integration of all functions of manufacturing enterprises (such as planning, operation, control)

virtual manufacturing system has all the information of products and related manufacturing processes, including data, knowledge and model information generated by virtual design, manufacturing and control. According to the function, the virtual control manufacturing system is grouped into three different types of sub environments, which together constitute the central ternary coupling system mode, as shown in figure 1:

(1) virtual manufacturing design center: provide designers with various tools for virtual manufacturing to design product models that meet the design criteria (such as DFX); Planning center manufacturing center

(2) virtual manufacturing processing center: research and develop product manufacturing process model and environment model, give full play to the role of cooperation mechanism and analyze various feasible production plans and process planning

(3) virtual manufacturing control center: evaluate product design, product prototype, production plan, manufacturing simulation and control strategy, etc

2 virtual manufacturing technology support

virtual manufacturing technology is a multidisciplinary integrated system technology, which requires the research and development of corresponding hardware integrated systems and software. In terms of software technology, the relevant research support is as follows:

(1) visualization: truly and intuitively reproduce the subjective products and objective manufacturing process

(2) basic environment: an integrated system platform that enhances visualization and other virtual manufacturing functions

(3) Information Description: a unified method, semantics and grammar for expressing various information, including data, knowledge and models

(4) mediation model: construct, define and develop models that are easy to interrupt and intervene in the process

(5) grass roots integrated organizational structure: the grass-roots organizational structure of hardware and software

(6) simulation model: the real system model designed in the computer system

(7) application method; Abstract extraction of common features of product diversity and process dynamics

(8) manufacturing characteristics: various materials in the virtual manufacturing environment are also conducive to the change process of Wanhua chemical in realizing the strategic objectives of the top 100 innovation, improving innovation ability, investment in innovation resources, and development of innovation mechanism

(9) virtual manufacturing system evaluation: manufacturability, manufacturability, reliability, economy, quality, construction period, etc

3 virtual manufacturing system architecture

cim integration is to transmit signals between manufacturing equipment through physical and logical connections. With the huge information flow as the "line", all the activity "nodes" of enterprise activities are bonded, and together they form a whole "enterprise machine", which actually reduces the flexibility of enterprises in all aspects. Virtual manufacturing is completely the integration of digital models, which provides a virtual integration scheme different from the "physical integration" of CIMS. It integrates mutually isolated manufacturing technologies such as CAD, cam, CAPP, etc. into a virtual product manufacturing environment, and uses the model mapping relationship of reality to the manufacturing process. Compared with the physical world, it has the characteristics of functional consistency and structural similarity. It is for the products, operations Virtual realization of environment and its evaluation behavior. The application of virtual reality technology in current manufacturing systems such as CAD, CAPP and cam can greatly enhance the coordination and parallelism between subsystems. Model oriented integration of subsystem functions is one of the keys of virtual manufacturing technology. Due to the diversity of products and the dynamics of manufacturing process, virtual manufacturing environment is a dynamic and changeable integration environment. Its process will produce a large number of various data, and the data management of virtual process becomes very complex. Product and process oriented virtual manufacturing system needs to extract common features and create heterogeneous manufacturing processes from the data, knowledge and models of products, operations, environments and evaluations. Referring to the integration scheme of CIM, the connotation of each module is expanded, and the control evaluation module is added, so that the virtual manufacturing system has the architecture shown in Figure 2

in this model, each module is integrated through the model. Map/step is a standard data format for hardware and software communication between various subsystems. Its perfection is the basis of virtual integration, but the barrier is to manage the establishment of a unified entity model of huge and rapidly changing data, and to identify the real relationship between various models (products, operations, environment, evaluation) and various functional modules. (end)

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