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Debut! Shantuiyou js9000 concrete mixing host detonates BICES 2017

debut! Shantuiyou js9000 concrete mixing host detonated BICES 2017

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on September 21, the second day of the 14th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (BICES 2017), at the e2666 shantuiyou booth, a concrete product promotion meeting attracted many merchants from afar, making the promotion site full and lively

"green intelligence, creating and enjoying the future" is the theme of this BICES 2017 exhibition. Under the heavy attack from all over the country and the intensified special treatment activities of the concrete market, Shantui Jianyou's participation in the js9000 mixing machine attracted special attention

China's first mixer

the new "debut" of js9000

the mixing host is comparable to the "heart" of concrete mixing equipment, and the technical level of the mixing host is the fundamental embodiment of the core technology of the equipment. The js9000 hydraulic concrete mixing machine with atmospheric appearance and bright colors dedicated its "debut" to the audience of BICES 2017, and it is also the heaviest new product in this recommendation meeting. Its research and development marks that Shantui Jianyou has mastered the core technology of developing and manufacturing large-scale concrete mixers

leaders of Shantui Jianyou introduced concrete machinery products

efficiency, environmental protection and intelligence are the most prominent features of js9000 mass concrete mixing host. Js9000 can mix 9000L concrete in a single tank, the maximum allowable aggregate particle size is 180mm, the mixing time is ≤ 50s, the whole machine is about 7 meters long, about 3.2 meters wide, about 2.2 meters high (excluding the cover), and the weight is about 40 tons. The single tank can achieve 9m3, making js9000 a concrete mixing host with the largest mixing volume and the highest mixing efficiency in China. At the same time, js9000 appearance design patent, oil-free shaft end sealing technology, double discharge door structure, shaft end sealing detection technology, concrete temperature and slump detection device and other core patent technologies are all in one, which highlights the highly intelligent development achievements of the system. Among them, the packing + pneumatic sealing technology is used at the shaft end, so that the product does not need to use grease, which not only prevents concrete pollution, but also saves users high grease purchase costs. The service life of the sealing packing is more than 100000 batches, the shaft end is designed for permanent service life, and the intelligent alarm device for slurry leakage makes the operation of the equipment more safe and reliable. "Being able to produce a 9-party host is the embodiment of the strength of Shantui Jianyou. I admire it! I admire it!" Customers' admiration for js9000 is beyond expression. Customers in the hydropower industry are particularly interested in this product, and an endless stream of customers have consulted on site

seven series of thick planting innovative fertile soil show new momentum

in addition to js9000 mixing machine, Shantui Jianyou also exhibited a full range of products on the sand table, such as high-speed railway special mixing station, standard environmental friendly commercial mixing station, full environmental friendly commercial mixing station, sand and gravel separator and so on. Among them, the special mixing station for high-speed railway is the main product of the special concrete mixing equipment for the project. It is deeply loved by Chinese and large customers because of its flexible site layout, modular design, convenient disassembly and fast transfer. Standard environmental friendly commercial mixing stations and all environmental friendly commercial mixing stations are hot-selling products to meet the future environmental protection needs. The concrete sand and gravel separator is a new environmental protection product launched by shantuiyou in 2017. It has many characteristics, such as flat car washing, split open structure, ultra-high separation efficiency, unique wet vibration screening technology, excellent separation effect, highly intelligent system and so on

at the promotion meeting, customers knew the performance of shanjianyou products like the palm of their hand

as a veteran state-owned enterprise, shanjianyou ranks third in the concrete machinery industry, and has become a long-term partner with China Railway, China railway construction, China Communications and other central enterprises and signed annual framework agreements. When asked what is the charm of Shantui Jianyou? The relevant person in charge said that continuous technological innovation is the secret of Shantui Jianyou's "eternal charm". As a witness of the historical changes in China's concrete machinery industry, Shantui Jianyou has the most proud technology research and development strength. With the continuous improvement of the requirements of power batteries for energy density and performance, it focuses on independent development, supplemented by intelligent, efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly concrete production and processing technology, and takes the lead in launching environmental friendly concrete mixing equipment, energy-saving concrete mixing equipment Ship borne concrete mixing equipment and a large number of new products with high added value, high technology content and in line with the national industrial policy

women are equal to men

in recent years, Shantui Jianyou has focused on product quality improvement, and products with advanced technology, green environmental protection and humanization have emerged in an endless stream. Planting innovative fertile soil, Shantui Jianyou mortar mixing equipment, pavement mixing equipment, concrete mixing equipment, construction waste treatment equipment, PC equipment, sand making equipment and concrete conveying equipment. At the same time, the series of products with reasonable operation also glow with new momentum. The mixing plant helps the 2022 Winter Olympics construction project; The asphalt station has obtained the EU market "pass"; CE certification of stabilized soil mixing plant; Mobile mixing plant is popular in Southeast Asia market; Successfully developed the special micro mixing plant for the laboratory; Js3000d high-end mixing machine was successfully offline, and the first order was delivered... In the first half of 2017, the domestic and foreign markets of Shantui Jianyou received frequent good news, and the operating revenue increased by 30% over the same period

two doubled environmental protection and efficient drive new attention to turn off the main motor source in the future

with its excellent product quality and timely and thoughtful service, Shantui Jianyou has won the trust and favor of overseas markets, and its products are widely used in various important construction projects. The special mixing plant of Shantui Jianyou project has a market share of about 15% in China. The relevant person in charge said frankly that because the state has stepped up efforts to rectify environmental protection, the concrete market, from central enterprises to individual private enterprises, has put forward new requirements for the environmental protection standards of equipment, so the high-end environmental protection stations with a market share of less than 1% have the most development potential in the future. "From the perspective of sustainable development, the most advantageous product is the all environmental friendly commercial and mixed stations (high-end environmental protection stations), and the market share will rise rapidly in the next few years." In 2017, Shantui Jianyou won the title of the fourth low carbon Shandong industry leader

with profound cultural heritage, continuous technological revolution and 30 years of professional experience in concrete machinery, Shantui Jianyou has never stopped moving forward. "We conducted in-depth research on the market, industries and policies, revised the 13th five year plan and the three-year business plan, determined the strategic positioning of the core business and the planning objectives for the next five years, took concrete mixing equipment, dry mixing equipment and asphalt mixing equipment as the core business, and took construction waste recycling equipment as the strategic business, and strive to double the sales revenue in the next five years and ten years, respectively It is the long cherished wish of our friends to build a place with humidity and impact. " The goal of shantujian's friends is firm and clear

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