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The order of XCMG "road home" in Henan Province exceeded 28million yuan

the order of XCMG "road home" in Henan Province exceeded 28million yuan

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recently, at the "road home" and new product promotion conference of XCMG road held in Zhengzhou, the sales performance of 54 XCMG Road products exceeded 28million yuan. The scene of queuing for transactions swept away the haze of the recent market downturn and made people feel the breath of summer in advance

Meng Wen, deputy general manager of XCMG road

the conference attracted nearly 200 users from across the province. The atmosphere of the venue was constantly pushed to a climax after the host announced the list of buyers round by round. Zhumadian Zhumadian highway engineering development company wangfuzhong purchased a XCMG 30 ton vibratory roller. Wang Fuzhong said that the number of local construction projects started in 2016 increased a lot compared with previous years. The projects declared in previous years have started successively this year, and their company has won the bid for two new pavement projects. As an old user of XCMG, I have great trust in the quality of XCMG products. When I need to buy new equipment, I naturally think of XCMG brand

Zhumadian user Wang Fuzhong

Meng Wen, deputy general manager of XCMG Road, said that he was very grateful to the majority of users for their support and care for XCMG machinery over the years. XCMG road will continue to provide high-quality products and services for new and old users in 68 years. In the current adjustment period of the construction machinery market, XCMG group adapted to the development characteristics of the "new normal" enterprise, and took the lead in raising the idea of changing from a production-oriented enterprise to a production service-oriented enterprise by increasing the friction between the working cylinder and the piston and when the guide wheel on the side of the workbench moves along the pillar. In 2016, XCMG road made every effort to build a "road home" information service platform that can help professionals realize the different performance and technical services of products, such as the sales of cover machines, the supply of spare parts, secondary trading, equipment leasing, and construction workers, so as to provide users with the most economical, convenient, and fastest services

liuzhumin, chairman of Henan Luyou

as the online and offline interaction part of "road home", offline service of agents is an important part. Henan Luyou Machinery Co., Ltd. has been acting as XCMG's brand for 22 years, and has won the title of XCMG's best agent for many times, maintaining the first position in the market share of road machinery in Henan Province. Liuzhumin, chairman of Henan Luyou, said that Henan Luyou was brave in innovation and actively cooperated with XCMG road to create an Internet marketing model for construction machinery. Henan Luyou will be able to do a good job in offline service. 56 service points across the province will ensure that online and offline complement each other

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in 2016, Henan Luyou solemnly promised to ensure that the inventory of accessories is sufficient, the service personnel respond in time within 15 minutes, stand by for 24 hours, and complete the troubleshooting within 48 hours. The "Friends of the road" platform and Henan Luyou will provide users with better and faster services

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