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XJ Group: yongdan pursues win-win results

on March 20, the "2009 special job fair for college graduates" in Henan Province was held in Henan talent market on Hongqi Road, Zhengzhou city. The job fair officially began at 9 o'clock. At more than 8 o'clock, the students who came to apply for the job had lined up in a long line. The vast team extended from the gate of the talent market along the street corner, and the chemical fiber output accounted for 70% of the world's total. The end of the team was hidden in the reinforced concrete building community, like a huge exclamation point, where confusion, anxiety, longing, expectation... Complex emotions were intertwined

according to the statistics of the Ministry of education, the number of fresh college graduates in 2009 exceeded 6million. With the arrival of the financial storm, many companies have reduced or even cancelled campus recruitment plans, and the once arduous employment problem of college students has become more serious. Local governments have taken measures to deal with this social problem, and the Henan provincial government is actively planning "ten practical things about doing a good job in the employment of college graduates in 2009". This job fair is one of the preludes

just after the job fair of Xi'an Jiaotong University, we rushed to Zhengzhou nonstop to decorate the recruitment booth with a new look. Minister Chen Xiaozheng was still on a business trip in Shenzhen and came back overnight. Without taking a rest, we threw ourselves into a tense battle with everyone

due to the trust and support of Xuchang municipal government, the recruitment booth of Xuji was arranged at No. 1, row 2, facing the door of the venue. When candidates enter the hall, the first thing they see is the introduction and recruitment notice of XJ Group. The digital impact testing machine takes the unique position of high-precision encoder technology. It is a well-known enterprise brand in the industry, and the carefully planned propaganda posters have gathered the eyes of many job seekers in front of Xuji's seat, one by one eager to try and full of expectations

at about 10 a.m., Xu Guangchun, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, and guogengmao, governor of the province, visited the talent market. Xu Guangchun stopped in front of Xu Ji's booth. He said, "Xuji is a good company, which has won many honors and won many firsts. Just yesterday, I received your good news." The words are full of appreciation and affirmation. Xu Guangchun shook hands with the recruiters of XJ company one by one. His warm eyes and warm words made everyone feel like a spring breeze. Then, Xu Guangchun asked in detail how many people the company recruited, what positions they recruited, how many graduates' resumes they received, and what schools and majors they were in. Minister Chen answered one by one. He said that XJ had to recruit a certain number of fresh graduates every year. By the end of 2008, it had recruited nearly 300 fresh graduates; Due to the rapid development of the company, there is still a talent gap in all units, and there is a strong demand for talents. Xu Guangchun said with a smile, "XJ is an enterprise with strong strength and promising prospects. You should seize the opportunity of development and reserve more talents when graduates have difficulties in employment, so as to make full preparations for future development."

finally, Xu Guangchun asked, "is Xu Ji willing to accept female college students?" Minister Chen firmly replied, "XJ has never engaged in gender discrimination in employment, regardless of gender. In recent years, XJ has actively responded to the calls and requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government and undertaken more social responsibilities to alleviate the employment pressure of college graduates." Secretary Xu Guangchun affirmed Xu Ji's practice and wished Xu Ji a complete success in this recruitment

at 4:00 p.m., the job fair was over, and we brought back a heavy resume and a heavy blessing from the provincial leaders

it has been a week since the job fair. Secretary Xu Guangchun's blessing still makes us feel warm. For a long time, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government have high hopes for the development of XJ, and have provided a broad platform: on February 11, the construction and promotion work conference of the core area of Zhongyuan Electric valley was held. With the approval of the provincial government, a large-scale provincial key industry cluster with power equipment manufacturing as the main body - Zhongyuan Electric Valley is about to rise in Xuchang City, and XJ is the core enterprise of Zhongyuan Electric valley; Facing the international financial crisis, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government have taken a series of measures to implement the "8511" investment promotion plan and carry out the "enterprise service year" activities; On March 2, Henan provincial government and Bank of China signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement to strive for strong financial support and all-round financial services for key enterprises and projects in Henan. Bank of China Henan Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement with XJ Group, injecting new impetus into the new round of rapid development of XJ Group

with the attention and support of the government and the tenacious efforts of XJ people, XJ has made remarkable achievements, which makes every XJ person proud

in 2008, facing the impact of the world financial crisis, XJ Group achieved a sales revenue of 8billion yuan and a profit of 650million yuan, an increase of 11% and 22% respectively year-on-year, both reaching the best level in history

at the beginning of the new year in 2009, the company reported good news frequently. On February 15, the core equipment of Yunguang UHVDC project developed by XJ was delivered to the site; On February 16, XJ won the contract for 10 sets of 500kV fault oscillograph equipment from Henan electric power company, and XJ fault oscillograph equipment fully entered Henan electric power market; On February 18, pos-oct optical current transformer independently developed by XJ was officially put into operation on Sichuan 220kV Hongshu south line; On March 11, the world's first complete set of DC control and protection equipment for ± 660 kV DC transmission project organized by XJ home appliances Co., Ltd., the winning country...

the fog of the world financial crisis did not hinder the pace of XJ's development. With our strong strength, we turned danger into opportunity, bravely shouldered and devoted ourselves to change, A new challenge to the future - "within three years, make XJ Group become a first-class domestic power equipment manufacturer and a first-class power equipment system integrator. In the next five years, make XJ Group become a world-class power equipment manufacturer and a first-class power equipment system integrator, and the whole company occupies an important position in the power equipment industry in China and even the world."

president Li Fusheng often said: "I always feel the importance of and mission, especially at the general meeting of all employees of the company. Looking at so many employees and their families behind them, this feeling and sense of mission are even stronger. The fate of an enterprise is related to the fate of thousands of families. Compared with Brinell and Rockwell hardness tests, the future of an enterprise affects the future of thousands of people.... Xuji has to bear the social and economic construction Set the sacred mission of revitalizing national industry. "

Xu Ji has been practicing this and mission with actions and constantly enriching its connotation. Adhering to the mission statement of "let our customers enjoy high reliability equipment", XJ strives to build products and services related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, and undertakes a society with integrity management and quality as the soul; In the financial storm, XJ invested a lot of energy in improving internal management, planning employee growth channels, helping employees manage their careers, and fulfilling the goal of harmony and win-win between enterprises and employees; XJ has created employment practice opportunities for college students, carried out joint training activities with colleges and universities, and helped them successfully realize the transition from "campus people" to "enterprise people"; Xuji subsidized girls who were out of school due to family poverty and established "Xuji Spring Bud Class" to undertake the development of education and cultural construction; We continue to innovate, unswervingly promote the "product leading" science and technology strategy, have undertaken the development of a series of national major scientific research projects and the manufacturing of national major engineering equipment, and have undertaken the task of creating independent intellectual property rights to revitalize national industry

the world financial crisis is still raging, and the road ahead is full of hardships. On the shoulder, Xu's steps are more calm and firm, and the inflection point is to identify the distance point of submission conditions

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